Couple meeting with divorce mediation attorney near Cherry Hill, NJDivorce mediation is a growing alternative to obtaining a divorce in court. Mediation focuses on coming to mutually agreeable solutions to questions of custody, visitation, spousal support, alimony, and other terms of a divorce. It’s a good alternative for Pennsylvania couples that want to divorce but want to do so amicably. Divorce mediation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania falls under the state’s no-fault divorce statute, which means you do not need to prove the faults of one party or the other in order to pursue a divorce.

William Kirby is a family law attorney who believes in divorce mediation. As a neutral third-party, a mediator helps couples resolve the legal, financial, and parental responsibilities of their marriage to obtain a marital settlement that both sides support. Bringing over 10 years of legal experience to his clients, Mr. Kirby can recommend a mediator who has knowledge of PA and/NJ divorce law to ensure both parties are represented fairly and in accordance with the law.

You Are in Charge of Your Divorce

Mediation puts you in charge of the terms of your divorce. Many people don’t realize it, but by going to court to obtain a divorce, they are putting decisions that affect the rest of their lives in a judge’s hands. There is no guarantee that a divorce granted in a court of law will comply with your wishes. When you choose divorce mediation, however, you have direct input into the terms of your marital settlement.

Knowing divorce mediators in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Cherry Hill, New Jersey, William Kirby can recommend mediators who will listen to both sides, ask the hard questions, suggest resolutions, and facilitate discussions surrounding the very emotional process of divorce.  This mediator will ensure that your wishes are taken into account and that the final agreement is fair, balanced, and reasonable.  Divorce Mediation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and/or Cherry Hill, New Jersey, does not involve pitting spouses against one another. Unless it is a court-ordered mediation, there is no need to involve the courts at all.

Upon coming to a decision, your mediator will provide you with a legally binding agreement that takes into account and protects your rights and interests.

William Kirby is available to assist you with divorce and/or divorce mediation no matter which stage of the process you find yourself in; whether you are just thinking about divorce or have already agreed to divorce.

Find Out if Divorce Mediation is Right for You

Divorce mediation isn’t for everyone, but it may be right for you. Contact William Kirby, Family Law Attorney, at 267-225-6233 to schedule an initial consultation with Mr. Kirby. He will give you an honest assessment of your situation, determine if divorce mediation is suitable, and explain the divorce mediation process to you.

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