Child visitation PhiladelphiaPennsylvania is very supportive of parent’s rights to see their children. Divorce laws in the state operate under the assumption that both parents have equal rights to the child. They also require judges to take into account the best interests of the child when determining issues such as custody and visitation. As a result, most non-custodial parents are able to receive at least some visitation time with their children.

Still, it can be challenging to assert your rights if you’re unfamiliar with divorce or child visitation laws or if you are intimidated by the court or your ex’s lawyer. Obtaining legal counsel on child visitation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is always a good idea, especially if you have concerns about the impact visitation, or a lack of visitation, will have on the relationship between you and your child.

William C. Kirby is a family law attorney who works with parents who want to make sure their children’s best interests are protected and their own concerns regarding visitation are taken into account. 10 years of experience with the legal system and countless hours of advocating for his clients have earned Mr. Kirby the respect of his clients and his peers. He assists parents and grandparents in asserting their visitation rights.

Child Visitation in PA

Pennsylvania’s child visitation laws entitle non-custodial parents to visitation unless a major safety issue exists. Although no specific access or time requirements exist, PA judges establish visitation rights and parenting plans based on the best interests of the child as well as the overall family situation. The state is a leader in gender-neutrality believing that both parents should have equal access to their children. When issuing a visitation order, judges must explain the factors that affected the ruling as well as how the decision was reached, which can make it easier to appeal decisions.

Protect Your Access to Your Children With Help From a Child Visitation Lawyer in Philadelphia

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