Update theme

[tlt_notice_box type=”success” header=”Information” show_close_button=”1″]To get new version, simply download theme from ThemeForest.[/tlt_notice_box]

To install new theme follow these steps:

[tlt_list layout=”100″ type=”bullet-10″]
[tlt_list_item]If you made changes in theme files then you need create backup all of them,[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Deactivate old theme,[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Remove old theme,[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Install a new one,[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Activate new theme,[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Reset browser cache.[/tlt_list_item]

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